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Who We Are

VivaTrips is a technology-based student services company providing curated tours to historic/artistic/outdoor & sports destinations across the State of Florida and eventually, the entire USA.

Our events target predominantly, but not limited to, international students in institutes of higher learning. The core of the addressable target market is foreign students in the State of Florida.

With an expansion to the rest of the Eastern USA coast initiated and underway, VivaTrips aims to position itself early in a growing and lucrative market.

Why travel with us?

We are the difference between service and Hospitality. Let me share a brief example. So, you go to a restaurant and you are seated quickly. The restaurant is clean, the wait staff is pleasant and your food is delivered relatively quickly and it’s hot and delicious. That’s great service. And in fact, even though it’s much appreciated, its really – what you expect.

Hospitality, on the other hand, is showing up at the same restaurant and as soon as you walk in, the hostess greets you by your name (or nickname), welcomes you enthusiastically, asks if you want to be seated at your favorite seat in the corner with the view, and by the time your tush touches your seat, your favorite beverage is placed in front of you, chilled and mixed to your exact specifications.

THAT’S hospitality and that’s what will make you NEVER go to another restaurant forever. That’s what we work on every day to perfect and what sets us apart.


The Experience You Get At ViVa Trips

  Contact us at paul@vivatripsusa.com and/or imanihans@vivatripsusa.com

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